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Professional Power Tools Hitachi, Craft, industry and hobby that meet the highest demands in power, precision and robustness. spare parts and tecnical assistance for products such as Drills, screwdrivers, wreckers, Saws, Bench Saws, a leading brand in Europe and recognized in the industry tooling supply of high quality. All products with European warranty and an efficient sales service spare parts and technical assistance with repair under warranty or not.

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  • Mitre Saw 12" with Upper Bench HITACHI C12YA Mitre saw for wood with upper floor. composite cutting capacity characterized by a high range of combinations. Equipped with induction motor 1500W super quiet and does not require any maintenance.

    833,26 €
  • Cordless Hammer Hitachi DH25DL FeaturesExceptional, compact (322mm) and lightweight (3.5 Kg) rotary hammer electro reversible LITHIUM battery from 25,2V. With SDS-plus has a selector for the 2 job duties only rotation or rotation with hammering, electronic speed regulation with feedback control and electric brake.

    756,40 €
  • Impact Drill Hitachi DV16V - 590 W Excellent for drilling steel, wood and plastic without impact concrete, brick, ceramic tile, marble, granite and other stones with percussion.

    109,80 €
  • Impact Drill Hitachi DV 18V - 690 W Combined action of rotation and impact for making holes in hard materials (concrete, marble, granite ...), the ability to drill up to 18 mm. Action only rotation: for the execution of holes in the metal (steel up to 13 mm), in wood and plastic (up to 40 mm).

    146,40 €
  • Impact Drill Hitachi DV 20VB2 - 790 W New drill reversible evolution of the previous model DV20VB. Extremely rugged and powerful with high-quality and robust chuck with manual transmission and two-speed electronic switch with variable RPM. New design with handle cyber "soft-grip" and sturdy aluminum gear housing. A cylindrical casing for added durability.

    170,80 €
  • Mixer 1500 Watts Hitachi UM 16VST Features:1.500W mixer with 2-speed manual gearbox and electronically controlled with the same selector.Offering progressive start to avoid mismatches, the thermal protection device and the feedback control to support the load variations.The compact body and the two large lateral handles always allow a secure grip by the operator.

    206,18 €
  • Angle Grinder 115 mm 580 W Hitachi G 12SS Accessories supplied side handle 1 keyMini grinder reduced size and weight, with shaft lock for quick and easy replacement of the disc.Brushes externally accessible for a maintenance faster.Excellent resistance to overload that allows to use the tool for long without compromising the electrical components.

    49,00 €
  • Angle Grinder Hitachi G12SN Grinder 840W power characterized by the switch side sled. Equipped with an excellent cooling system, offers excellent resistance to overload, moreover, it is particularly distinguished by the reduced grip circumference, only 200 mm, which gives this un'ergonomicità and exceptional practicality model.

    109,90 €
  • Angle Grinder 2000 W. Hitachi G23SR Grinder by the new design and improved performance, it replaces the model G23SF. The prominent features are the following:- greater resistance to overload (25 ~ 40% more than the current models)- the long life of carbon brushes (up to 33% more)- the best protection against dust.

    131,76 €
  • Angle Grinder 2000 W. Hitachi G23SS Features:Grinder Tough and reliable to 2.000W. Rear bearing protected from dust with a construction of the type "labyrinth", high overload, induced with a high thermal protection and the possibility to conveniently replace the brushes as they are accessible from the outside. Unbeatable price!

    119,90 €
  • Reciprocating Saw - Hitachi CR 13V2 Reciprocating Saw for cutting various materials , equipped with electronic speed control and adjustable leg stand by tool . The device for the insertion and removal of the blade without tools makes the operation very easy and immediate.

    219,00 €
  • Circular Saw 1010 Watts Hitachi C7MFA Features:Circular Saw with light base duralumin very durable. Equipped with a system of parallel adjustment end of the blade, as well as a shaft locking device for a quick replacement of the blade. Quick adjustment of the cutting depth via rear lever.

    151,28 €
  • Sander Polisher Hitachi Fercad SAT180 Sander - Polisher 750 Watts 180 mm with platorelo, equipped with powerful high-speed, resistant to overload. 2-speed electronically selectable.

    209,84 €
  • Sander Polisher Hitachi Fercad SP18VA Sander - Polisher 1250 Watt platorelo 180 mm, equipped with powerful high-speed, resistant to overload.

    287,36 €
  • Orbital Sander Hitachi SV12SH Professional orbital sander to "delta" with dust bag integrated as standard for precise and clean. Ergonomic handle for left-handers. Pad, completely Velcro, perforated for effective dust collection. New design cybernetic very catchy handle "soft grip" to work more and more comfortable. Exceptional suction capacity / work (70%)

    109,80 €
  • Orbital Sander Hitachi SV12SG New orbital sander with dust bag integrated professional standard for precise and clean. Ergonomic handle for left-handers, drilled pad for effective dust collection. New design cybernetic very catchy handle "soft grip" to work comfortably. Increased work capacity than previous models. Exceptional suction capacity / work (70%)

    106,14 €
  • Router 2000 W HITACHI M 12V2 Vertical Milling Machine 2000W very powerful and sturdy, the new design cybernetic very aggressive and ergonomic.Fully equipped with electronic device startup sequence is complete control with variable speed constant place directly on the handle.

    459,00 €
  • Router 900 W Hitachi M 8SA2 Vertical router machine with 900W powerful and robust, the renewed cybernetic very aggressive and ergonomic design.Equipped with the ruler with the index for an adjustment of the cutting depth and the value "0" among the most precise and accurate. Ignition switch to the cursor, both handles are soft-grip for comfortable work and regulated in the position.

    278,00 €
  • Router 2000 W HITACHI M 12VE Vertical Router Machine 2000W compact and lightweight ergonomic design of the practical simple but robust.Fully electronic, with the boot device sequence, complete control with variable speed constant indexed to select the most suitable working speed.

    324,00 €
  • Rotary Hammer Hitachi DH28PC Characteristics Rotary hammer powerful and fast, reversible, with SDS-PLUS, equipped with safety clutch, electronic switch for speed control and manual switch to activate or exclude the 3 working modes: rotation with hammering, only rotation or just percussion.

    413,58 €
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